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Scripted Show

We pride ourselves with world-class ideation skill that has birthed numerous premium unscripted original entertainment formats. From idea to screen. We have a solid catalogue of scripted originals in development

Unscripted Show

Brightfire Pictures is an independent, creative-driven production house that develops, produces, and distributes premium, award-winning global unscripted content across all major genres.

Innovation tv Show

We innovate how we execute and what we originate. Audiences want to be challenged and introduced to newer ways of telling stories or serving entertainment.

Reality TV Show

Our team of creative producers, camera crew, and writers can help turn your idea for a reality show into a reality.


Brightfire is dedicated to highlighting thoughtful and quieter voices in a world often dominated by the loudest ones, aiming to enrich discussions for the benefit of all.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use cutting edge technology in both execution of our shows and in our post-production area. The technology we use elevates the content so that the audiences have the best experience. 

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If you have an idea to get it onto television, you will have to pitch it to either
a television broadcast platform, streaming platform, or corporate client. 
Once they like the idea, they will fund you to make the television show for
them.  Once the show is produced, it will then broadcast on a linear platform
or streaming platform that paid for it.  If it was paid for by a corporate client,
the client can decide which television platform they want it on at the time of

No, this is not a good habit as it is easy to lose your idea to someone else. 
There is no point in sending your ideas to production houses as they have no
money to fund your idea.

The cost of making a television show depends on the show idea.  It all
depends on the budget parameters that are determined by what comprises
the show.

A production house can help you get your idea on television by acting as
your production partner once you have secured funding to make the show.

The IP of a television show is owned by who has paid for the television show
to be produced.  There are various funding models in the television space

We are more than just a film production company; we are storytellers at heart. Our films are crafted to engage, entertain, and enlighten, reflecting our belief that cinema is a powerful medium for exploring the human condition and the world around us.

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