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Welcome to Brightfire Pictures An award-winning production house, we are a 100% black female-owned and operated video entertainment powerhouse, proudly headquartered in
Johannesburg, South Africa, with a strong presence across the African

At Brightfire Pictures, we believe that scripted shows have the power to transport audiences to new realms, evoke deep emotions, and provoke thought-provoking conversations. From gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, our diverse portfolio showcases the breadth and depth of our storytelling prowess.

Unscripted shows

Unscripted shows are the heart and soul of what we do at Brightfire Pictures. From heartwarming reality series to adrenaline-pumping documentaries, our diverse range of unscripted programming offers something for everyone, catering to all tastes and interests.

Innovation TV shows

Innovation TV shows are at the forefront of our mission to push the boundaries of creativity and discovery. From groundbreaking inventions to revolutionary ideas, our diverse range of programming showcases the latest innovations and breakthroughs that are shaping the world around us.

Reality TV shows

Reality TV shows have become a cultural phenomenon, offering viewers a unique glimpse into the lives of real people and the drama that unfolds before their eyes. At Brightfire Pictures, we specialize in creating reality TV shows that are as entertaining as they are thought-provoking, featuring diverse characters, compelling storylines, and unforgettable moments.


We are more than just a film production company; we are storytellers at heart. Our films are crafted to engage, entertain, and enlighten, reflecting our belief that cinema is a powerful medium for exploring the human condition and the world around us.

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